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DroidSend -
Free SMS Gateway using own mobile

Start using your Android phone and SIM card to send and receive SMS messages without any additional devices.

Keep in touch with customers

Send bulk SMS messages to your customer list and keep them up to date with notifications on new orders, new clients, and more - all from your own mobile phone.

Phone as SMS/MMS Provider

Your Android phone will do the hard work of sending SMS or MMS. It will do this automatically using an app installed on your mobile device. When you send SMS or MMS, it will be directed to the app on your mobile phone.

Send personalized messages

Most anyone can use DroidSend to send personalized SMS messages for any occasion - from birthdays and weddings, to business announcements and office closures.

How It Works

Here are three easy steps that will get you a free SMS gateway.

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DroidSend account

First, you need to sign up for your account on DroidSend. Our system comes with a FREE plan for your business.

Mobile app install

Download and install the Android App. The QR code scan configuration will get you ready to send SMS messages.


You are in the right place. Our fast dashboard & well-documented API allow for the best experience.

Cheap and cost-effective solution for marketing

Our platform is packed with efficient and complete tools to manage your messages, you’ll have full control on your account features.

Get your SMS Gateway Now!

Start sending bulk SMS messages using your Android device  at the lowest possible price.

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3 USD / Month

Use the Best Free SMS Gateway

15 USD / Yearly

Use the Best Free SMS Gateway

5 USD / Month

Use the Best Free SMS Gateway